Ceramic Car Coating in Dubai

Discover the ultimate protection for your car with Desert Diamond's ceramic car coating service in Dubai. Our knowledgeable experts apply a durable and long-lasting ceramic coating, creating a shield against environmental elements, UV rays, and contaminants. Enjoy a showroom-worthy finish, enhanced gloss, and effortless maintenance.


Service name
Ceramic Coating
Ceramics 1 layer (Full car)
Time: 1 day
Cost: from 400 AED
Ceramics 2 layers (Full car)
Time: 2 days
Cost: from 650 AED
Ceramics 3 layers (Full car)
Time: 2-3 days
Cost: from 990 AED

The realm of automobiles is forever changing, and as time progresses, groundbreaking methods spring forth, dedicated to enhancing your car’s visual charm while lengthening its lifespan. Of the sophisticated options available within the UAE, especially in Dubai, the spotlight inevitably falls upon the ceramic coatings tailored for vehicles. Dive into this guide to unravel the depth of its protection, and understand why we’re the top-tier option in the landscape.

Pros and Cons of Nano Ceramic Coating


Durable Shield: Nano ceramic layers provide potent defense against harmful ultraviolet radiation, ensuring your vehicle’s hue stays radiant without dimming.

Water-Repellant Trait: Precipitation and droplets will form beads, swiftly gliding off the surface, facilitating a hassle-free cleaning ritual.

Aesthetic Boost: Imbues the car with a uniform, lustrous sheen, elevating its visual magnificence.

Guard Against External Menaces: Shields from avian waste, arboreal resins, and other invasive elements.


Expense: The initial investment might surpass the costs of conventional waxes or polishes.

Setup Time: Before any application, the vehicle’s exterior demands scrupulous cleaning.

Not Utterly Resistant to Scratches: It offers resistance to minor scuffs; however, pronounced sharp entities can breach its defense.

Car ceramic coating vs PPF, which is best?

In automotive circles, the debate over the supremacy of car ceramic coating versus Paint Protection Film (PPF) is fervent. Ceramic coatings bestow a resilient protective veneer over your car, combating pollutants, superficial scuffs, and ultraviolet exposure. They also confer a rich, mirror-like gleam that amplifies your vehicle’s beauty. Conversely, PPF acts as a tangible shield – a wafer-thin polymer layer adhered directly to the car. It extends stout defense against pebbles, pronounced scratches, and atmospheric pollutants. Intriguingly, PPF has the ability to self-repair slight scuffs when exposed to warmth – a trait ceramic coatings lack. While ceramics may have an edge in radiance and sheen, PPF dominates in tangible safeguards. The final verdict hinges on individual inclination: is it the visual charm or the tangible safeguard that you esteem more?

Processes of coating your car

The art of car ceramic coating, renowned for its defensive and aesthetic enhancements, demands precision in its application. Delve into the intricate steps involved:

Preparation: It all commences with exhaustive cleansing. Vehicles are subjected to an intensive bath to expel every trace of contaminants. Tailored solutions, crafted to protect the paint while efficiently removing dirt, are deployed.

Claying and Detoxification: Using a clay instrument, the paint is swept to extricate deep-seated pollutants like asphalt, resin, and industrial fallout that routine cleanses might overlook, ensuring an impeccable canvas.

Buffing: Before ushering in the ceramic phase, the car gets buffed. This action eradicates slight blemishes and readies the surface for a stronger ceramic bond.

Application: Once readied, an isopropyl solution swipes the car’s exterior to guarantee a residue-free surface. Subsequently, the ceramic concoction is methodically spread. Segment by segment, experts ascertain uniform application, letting each part dry partially before cleaning any surplus.

Maturation: Post-application, the coat requires a setting phase. This interval, spanning a few hours to multiple days, lets the coat solidify, fusing with the vehicle’s paint.

The outcome? A resplendent, fortified car resilient to environmental foes, boasting a polished allure that commands attention.

Why is it better to choose our company?

Handing over your cherished car to the best organization is pivotal. In our domain, it’s not just about service – it’s about crafting a memorable journey. Our brigade, an assembly of devoted experts, harnesses avant-garde methods to pledge your car the best ceramic coating in Dubai. Each vehicle gracing our Dubai-adjacent premises receives unparalleled attention, reflecting our vow to perfection. With our attractive pricing strategy, harmonized with unparalleled craftsmanship, we become an obvious pick. Beyond that, our post-service assurance instills tranquility, underscoring our allegiance to both your vehicle and the rapport we nurture with our clientele. Opt for us and immerse in a flawless, premium, and fulfilling voyage.


  • How long does the ceramic coating process take to coat a car?
    Generally spans 4 to 8 hours, contingent on vehicle dimensions and state.
  • How much does a full car ceramic coating cost in Dubai?
    Rates diverge, but typically oscillate between AED 600 and AED 2,000.
  • How to wash a ceramic coated car?
    Employ pH-balanced car cleansers and plush mitts. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with microfiber cloths.
  • Can I drive my car after ceramic coating?
    Absolutely, though avoiding precipitation for a day is advised.
  • What does car ceramic coating do?
    Acts as a sentinel, combating pollutants, sunrays, and scuffs, all while magnifying the vehicle's luster.
  • How to tell if a car is ceramic coated?
    Water effortlessly beads and glides off a coated surface.
  • Can I polish a ceramic coated car?
    Certainly, but opt for gentle products to maintain the coat's structure.
  • How to remove ceramic coating on a car?
    Necessitates professional tools and expertise.
  • Can you remove scratches from a ceramic-coated car?
    Surface scuffs are manageable, but deeper ones mandate expert intervention.


Daniel Martinez
Top-notch ceramic coating job! The car's shine is incredible and the coating feels durable. A bit pricey, but definitely worth it for the quality of work.
Sarah Williams
Just got my car back with the new ceramic coating and it looks amazing! Water just beads off the surface. Great service and the staff was super friendly.
Michael Thompson
Totally wowed by the ceramic coating job they did! My car's got this insane gloss, feels just like new. The crew knew their stuff and broke it all down for me. Big thumbs up, highly recommend!

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