Car Window Tinting in Dubai

Enhance your driving experience with our professional car window tinting service in Dubai, courtesy of Desert Diamond. Our expert team provides precise and flawless window tinting using high-quality films. Enjoy the benefits of reduced glare, increased privacy, and enhanced UV protection.


Service name
Window car tinting
Full car window tinting
Time: 1 day
Cost: 1010 AED
Two side windows
Time: 3 hour
Cost: 300 AED
Rear hemisphere
Time: 3 hour
Cost: 600 AED
Windshield / Rear glass
Time: 2 hour
Cost: 350 AED
Tint removal
Time: 4 hour
Cost: 400 AED

Dubai, the gleaming epicenter of the UAE, has been at the forefront of automotive aesthetics. As the region’s glittering skyline reflects off the windows of the countless vehicles navigating its roads, a surge in the demand for car window tinting has become evident. This phenomenon is not just a statement of style but a confluence of practicality and luxury.

Benefits of Tinting Car Windows

  • Thermal Comfort: The relentless Dubai sun can be unforgiving. Tinted windows ensure your vehicle remains an oasis of cool, offering much-needed relief from the heat.
  • Privacy: In a bustling metropolis, privacy can be a prized commodity. Tinting provides this discreet shield, ensuring what’s inside remains for your eyes only.
  • UV Protection: The harmful UV rays don’t just affect our skin. Prolonged exposure can deteriorate your car’s interiors. A quality tint acts as a barrier, protecting both you and your car.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Tinting minimizes the sun’s glare, ensuring that drivers maintain an unobstructed and clear view of the road.

Types of Glass Tinting We Offer

  • Dyed Film: A budget-friendly option that provides good solar heat reduction.
  • Metalized Tinting: A fusion of style and strength. It not only reflects heat but also fortifies the glass.
  • Carbon Tinting: Offers a matte finish and superior UV protection.
  • Ceramic Tinting: The pinnacle of tinting solutions. It boasts of unmatched UV and infrared rejection.

What is the process of tinting your car?

Our service begins with an exhaustive cleansing ritual, ensuring the glass is spotless. Custom-cut films, tailored to your vehicle’s dimensions, are then applied with surgical precision. Specialized tools ensure an immaculate finish, devoid of creases or bubbles.

Legality of car tinting in Dubai.

In the UAE, and specifically Dubai, the authorities emphasize both aesthetics and safety. The permissible limit for window tinting is set at 50 percent. This ensures that while the vehicle’s occupants enjoy privacy and protection, their visibility to the outside world remains unhindered.

How to wash a car with tinted windows.

For those wondering how to maintain the sheen of their newly tinted windows, the key is gentle care. Use a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaning solution. Avoid direct sunlight immediately after the tinting process, allowing the film to cure properly.

Why is it better to choose Car Care?

Located strategically in the heart of Dubai, our company stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of car window tinting. Why us? Our legacy is rooted in a blend of skilled craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. While our prices remain competitive, we never compromise on quality. It’s this ethos that distinguishes us from the myriad of services in the region.

In the vibrant landscape of Dubai, where every street is a mosaic of cultures, histories, and futures intertwined, your vehicle should be a reflection of your identity. Our car window tinting service promises just that – a harmonious blend of function, style, and a statement of individuality.

Window Tint Simulator

4 Door
Film Specifications:
  • TSER 58%-90%
  • Light reflection 6-9%
  • UV Blocked 99%
  • IR Blocked 92%-98%
Window Tint Simulator

Car Window Tinting in Dubai – FAQ

  • How much does car window tinting cost?
    The price spectrum for car window tinting varies, influenced by factors such as film type, vehicle model, and more. However, we strive to offer the best service at a price that doesn't burn a hole in your pocket.
  • What is ceramic window tinting?
    Ceramic window tinting employs a non-conductive and non-metallic ceramic particle. This ensures top-tier heat and UV ray rejection without interfering with electronic devices inside the car.
  • How to remove car window tinting?
    While it's possible to remove the film yourself, professional intervention ensures no damage or residual adhesive. Our team employs specialized techniques for seamless removal.
  • How long does it take for car window tinting?
    The window tinting process, emphasizing perfection, usually spans between 4-7 hours, contingent on the vehicle's size and type of tint.
  • How to fix car window tinting film?
    Bubbles or imperfections post-tinting? Fear not. Minor issues can be fixed with a bit of heat application, while major ones might necessitate a re-tint.


I recently had the windows of my office building tinted by this company, and I must say they exceeded my expectations. The team was professional, and they worked efficiently to complete the job on time. The tinting has not only improved the aesthetics of the building but also helped us reduce energy costs. Great service overall!
Wow, just had my SUV's windows tinted here and it's freakin' awesome! They totally nailed the tint job. Chilled in a super cozy waiting area and bam, it was done in no time. No drama, no fuss. Now my ride is looking sharp, plus I've got that sweet privacy and UV shield. Totally loving it!
I had my car's windows tinted at this shop, and I couldn't be happier with the results! The tint job was flawless, and it has made a significant difference in keeping my car cool during hot summer days. The staff was friendly and professional, and the price was reasonable. Highly recommend their window tinting services.

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